Tuesday's Thought

The Needs of Tomorrow

Sometimes I wonder what God is doing or where the future will take me.  I’m the type of person that likes to plan and build with anticipation towards the future, but it is hard to do when you’re my age.  To be honest, it drives me a bit crazy sometimes. I know God is in full control, but do I trust Him?  Do I really trust Him?

I ask myself this often, and it is hard for me to discern.  I know I want to, but my selfish desires butt in all too often.

Yesterday I got thinking about Joseph.  You can bet he had some of the same thoughts and feelings! I mean he is taken away from home by force, being sold into slavery.  Just when it seems things might improve for him, he is wrongly accused and thrown in jail.  I’m sure he pondered what the future held for him, but Joseph continued to trust God unwaveringly.  In the end, he rises to be the second most powerful man in Egypt.  He is reunited with his family and saves them from starvation.  But his greatness was not his own, God brought him through all the difficult struggles and lifted him to success all on His own.

It amazes me how much we can relate to people from the Bible.  Their thoughts must’ve been very much like our own sometimes, and the God that saved them, that remained faithful despite them often failing Him, is faithful to us today.  He has not changed.  His steadfastness means we can trust Him for the needs of tomorrow.

Daniel is a child waiting to see what the future will hold for him.  In August he will turn five years old.  He has been waiting for a family to call his own since he was 2 months old.  Maybe you or a friend of yours has the perfect home for Daniel.  Please be praying with me that he finds a home that will show him his Father’s unwavering love.

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