Tuesday's Thought

Life Change

I am sorry for neglecting my blog this weekend.  Yesterday I went kayaking with a bunch of friends.  It was fun, but we were sore and exhausted by the end.  Then this morning we had church.  Afterwards, I spent the afternoon packing for two trips.

The first trip is for a junior high camp.  There will be students from all sorts of backgrounds there–hundreds of them! It’ll be awesome but exhausting too.  The kids have tons of activities and ministry opportunities.  Some students will hear the gospel for the first time, so if you think about it, pray for us.  There will be a band from Liberty University leading worship over the weekend and a great speaker.  It’ll be a 5:30 to 12:00-midnight job through Thursday, yet we’ll have so much fun!  The kids will be impacted a lot.  It’ll be a neat experience all the way around!

Then on Thursday I’ll leave the camp a few days early.  Driving home, I’ll take a second suitcase the following day and head for Georgia.  My cousin is getting married this weekend!

It’ll be a fun but very busy week.  I’ll apologize in advance.  I might try to post about what happened at camp on Thursday (, it’ll be worth checking for); however, the rest of the week I probably won’t post.  Starting on Monday of next week, you can expect regular blogging again.  Until then, there will be a lot of lives changed around me, so be prepared for some exciting blogs beginning of next week!

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