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There was a Difference

There was a Difference

If you find yourself considerin’ what this world has to offer,

You’ll find yourself thinkin’ about the tragedies that are borrowed.

Such needless pain and hopelessness,

It is impossible to make it make sense,

So for now you’ll just listen to the rain.

But maybe tomorrow you’ll understand,

There was a difference in his outstretched hand.

His love was enough to take the pain,

To change a life,

To save the day.

This world has a lot of messed up places,

But there is a difference when he offered us his graces.

The rain may fall tomorrow here,

But I’ll from now on be able to see so very clear.

Below is a picture of Donald.  Donald is four years old.  He has been in care since he was 2 months old.  A child that young desperately needs the foundation of two Christian loving parents.  Check out his profile, or other children on Holt’s waiting child list here.

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