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Somebody Should’ve Loved that Child

What bothers me?

I glance through the photos, and it’ll strike me.  Especially the pictures of older children.  Occasionally, additional pictures are available, and I look at them.  It surprises me how young the child was in some of the photos.  She was just a toddler and adorable.  He has grown up so much.  Why didn’t they find a family then?  Why is their picture still in this list? 

Youngsters are cute!  They’re fun and easy to love, but what about the child that never found somebody?

Sometimes I’ll think about it, and it shocks me.  Do you realize a 12-year-old is only in 6th grade?  Can you picture when you were in 6th grade?  You were so young! You had a lot of growing up left to do, didn’t you?

But he’s 12-years-old, who would adopt a 12-year-old?  a 10-year-old–a 4th grader?  Too often we look at them and think how we missed out on their childhood, but they’re still children.  They still need somebody.

Adopting an older child is a precious gift.  Often they still have many firsts to encounter.  They may never have had a birthday cake, their own room, or the love of a family.

So as I’m glancing through the photos on the waiting child list, I often think somebody should’ve loved that child.  And yes, I’m afraid to wonder if in a year or two somebody will look at the same photo and wonder why didn’t somebody love her when she was twelve?



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