Captured my Heart

Naomi is HIV+


So there’s this little girl.  She’s captured my heart for sometime.  I’ve prayed for her, hoped against all odds, wished that she would find a family.  She’s a beautiful girl.  She shouldn’t have had to wait–but she did.  She waited a long time, and it broke my heart.

Her sixth birthday past, and she waited.

Then, just today, I checked up on her–hoped as the website downloaded that maybe she had found that special family–a home that could show her how much God loved her.  Her photo uploaded.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Across the bottom Holt listed “No longer accepting new requests’.  After having prayed for waiting children and followed the postings for some time, I know that this is usually a good sign.  I’m so excited that a family has likely stepped forward in their adoption journey to take Naomi home!

The unusual thing about this situation is that Naomi is HIV+, and she’s lived with the stigma that comes from this disease.  She’s felt the loneliness and fear it caused in potential parents scanning through her file, and the extended time it took to find her a home. But having had the privilege of interacting with an HIV orphan, I can personally tell you how normal and how special these children are.  Their greatest need is love–the unconditional love of their Savior and their family.

I’m so excited for Naomi, but there are still many children waiting.  Each of them has their own special need.  It may be they are an older child or have cerebral palsy.  It may be they have autism or a limb deformity, but whatever the need, they primarily just want somebody to love them.  Perhaps you could prayerfully consider whether God has a waiting child that needs you.  There are so many.  On Holt’s website alone, three 13 year old girls from China are listed as urgent, because they only have a few months left to find a family.  What would it be like to be 13 years old and know no one had ever wanted you to be a part of their home?–I can’t say.  I’ve never been there, but the thought crushes me.

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